Team work

ASPACEcif allows for all the different professionals in our centres, e.g. physiotherapists, speech therapists, educators, etc. to work in a coordinated way under the umbrella of common goals and standards, all of it in order to better people’s quality of life.

Individualised care

It designs Bespoke Development Plans for people with disabilities in an easy, swift and professional manner using World Health Organisation best practices.

Team work
A personalized planning

Programas de integración socio laboral

Con Valorando Capacidades es posible definir apoyos y programas que ayuden a las personas con discapacidad a mejorar su capacidad y desempeño laboral. También permite indicar qué ayudas técnicas y productos de apoyo requieren estas personas, mejorando la adaptación de los puestos de trabajo y los entornos laborales en función del perfil y la necesidad de cada persona.

A personalized planning

ASPACEcif Valuing Capacities encourages self-determination from the individual in order to identify goals and lay the foundation for a joint effort with their family and our professionals.

A new philosophy in disabilities care

Both health and impairment are bound to vary through our life. They should not set people aside but rather be understood as part of the human array of experiences that will affect everyone at some point in their lives.

A new philosophy in disabilities care



"ASPACEcif made it possible for me to get to know myself better. It was a demanding experience, but thanks to getting through it my mother has realized how important my claim is."


"Thanks to ASPACEcif we are able to share Information with different entities using the same language, with a common aim through the use of capabilities and abilities; dismissing deficiencies once and for all."

Florencio Díaz, teacher at APACE Talavera

"I must admit I like the new approach to the concept of disability, let’s stop using negative terms and have a more positive outlook when talking about people’s different health conditions"

Elisa, physiotherapist at ASPACE Córdoba

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